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    Project: Chev., Mont Carlo, 1976.

    Just had to throw my 3rd (COMPLETE) parts MC in the crusher. The “County Man” came by said It couldn’t be outside of the fenced compound. “Move it or pay a hefty fine.” My buddy’s got a small “Tow’g & Storage Yard (lic’n)” & I was too busy & LAZY to get by and Strip her. $300 Bucks PHiPT!

    I’m new to all this IT, computer, mesaging & email (ilogical) [*%^$!@!]stuff.
    If I get verbose or F. up, please forgive me.

    Purchased the original MC circa ’96. 2Brl (dumb) 350 had 50K orig. miles. Sweet. Stuck my crutch in the door, popped the pedal twice &, standing on the ground, outside, turned the key. She purred right away ( the block was ice cold); turned arround and handed the man the $!

    Need all kinds of parts. Particularly top and bottom sheet metal and chrome, door hinges, etc.; like to get an ‘old’ pipe to run back after the cat. convertor ’till I can completely redo the exhaust. Also, (seems asbestos has been completely outlawed) looking for insulator pad to put over cat. convertor; front passenger flr. brd. gone (typical on this old girl). Also the landau roof always creats alot of rot on her rear haunches (my Sweet Girl {gave it to her, she drives it daily}) objects to my calling them “saddle-bags”)

    I’m on disability. Funds tight. Not sure how, nor how long, it’ll take to bring the MC all the way back. The $/Gal. prob. has been hard to justify against my desire (love?) for this Sweet old Girl. But every time I’m riding down the street, I see her exagerated designs subtly morphing on through her great-great-great-great-? granddaughters. I’ve studied some genetics and thats always (somwhat) reminded me of!

    Eastwood; do you have any parts for her or suggestions for me? Checked your ‘search’ dilly; nothing spefic poped and no time to go thru the 1000+ listings under “’76 Chev Monte Carlo” Appreciate it if you’d let me know.

    Also need help/directions on using this email (thread?) program. Reminds of my Outlook Express but can’t get the Bold & Underline to work the way mine does. No ‘help’ button.

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