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    Ultra Al

    Thanks so much for the polishes. Excuse the poor photography, the right thank was polished with the Eastwood polish, the left side with McGuirrers (sp) Ive always been a McGuires man. I asked my wife to come out to the shop and pick the best side and she picked the Eastwood side, I thought so too but her eyes are sharper than mine (she’s my chief inspector). I will try to get to the Fatboy which is done in HOK paint and has some minute swirlls that I tried to buff out in the past but chickened out because I didnt want to burn though the clear coat, Ill use the pads and we’ll see. The RK didnt have swirls (PPG ivory). Hopfully my photograpy will pick up the swirlls on the FB but they are very minute. Thanks again. AL

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