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Posted: November 18, 2011 By: jeffreypine

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    I’m not sure where this belongs on the forum, so mods please move it if you think it should be somewhere else. I figured with so many experts monitoring this forum, it would end up in the correct spot.

    I’ve been looking for something that would permit me to refurbish smaller parts that I could pull apart if required, strip the paint, and repaint with a spray can paint, not something that would require a professional painting system.

    As for the stripping kit, this is what I think Eastwood could provide. A small soda blaster to use on parts under a small enclosed hooded area, to minimize medium leakage.

    The hood should be able to handle something as large as a front light assembly or a rear light assembly, where a badly chipped and/or rusted part painted in OEM black trim could be quickly stripped of the old paint, the part taken out of the hooded area and prepped for painting, and then painted. This would cut down on the time I spend sanding by hand or by a sander, dremel, or whatever else I find I need to get as much as the old paint off as possible.

    I know these parts are available separately through eastwood, but I didn’t see a small hooded enclosure that could be cost effective and work well with the soda blasting medium.

    Perhaps eastwood could put these parts together in a set, to offer for sale to their customers.


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