New metal prep for RE:Topcoats OK for RE

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    😡 I have a body-off custom restoration in progress of our 1972 Blazer K5,bought new.The chassis aft 1/2 section had scale rust with some swiss cheese areas. Cross members in this part were mostly gone so I replaced them with rectangular steel tubing. Welded-in tubular diagonals were used to stabilize the notorously twisty bed area of the frame.
    I media blasted with black beauty sand, which removes the heavier rust and leaves a fine, sharply textured tooth to the steel.For consistency I want to use RE over the entire chassis, which includes large areas of bright steel, new steel with light rust, and o.e.paint.then finish with Extreme Chassis Black. I want the running gear another color. My questions are:
    What is the best way to prepare the bright metal for RE when there are so many areas inaccessible to sanding or grinding? Is sandblasting a good base? Can Por15 Metal Ready be used to prep for RE?
    Will Por15 Hardnose Colors bond over RE? (I would prefer Eastwood colors, but the hue I want is not available)

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