New here, want your opinions about speed of powdering

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    Hey guys and girls. I’m new here but not to powdering. I’ve got 3 years experience in powdering in bigger shops with all types of different items. Each person has their own speed and way of powdering parts, Correct? Well my co-worker (says he has 17 years experience) has fought with me many many times about the way I powder and the way he powders. We work with a conveyor line so the parts are always moving and we adjust the speed accordingly to the parts, (harder parts we slow down – faster parts we speed up)

    My way (the way I was taught) was to keep the gun 6-8 inches away, with your passes, don’t go super slow but don’t go super fast either. Give the powder time to stick and apply itself to the part and judge how many times you go over the party by how the powder sticks. If your KV’s are down and the powder doesn’t stick as well then you have to go over it more times. If the KV’s are high and the powder sticks evenly then don’t go over the part as many times.

    My co-workers way of powder is to keep the gun 6-8 inches away, go fast and do a lot of passes. and count the times you go over the part. No matter how high or low the KV’s are. As long as the powder seems to come out of the gun evenly then you don’t have to go over it anymore or anyless.

    NOW! i am not trying to degrade my co-worker in anyway or change this story for you guys to take my side. But he complains about his arm hurting everyday after powder a certain amount of parts. And I tell him to slow down, take your time, look at how the powder is sticking and you wouldn’t have to go 1over the part 10 times. you would only have to go over it 3 times instead. thats when he blows up and says he can’t keep up if he goes slow and that 3 swipes over the part isn’t enough. although i can stand on the opposite side and powder the other side of the part with 3 swipes.

    I have some videos links I uploaded of me powdering some c channel parts.

    The Slow Powder Coat video is me just powdering like I normally do with auto guns doing the back side and some inside of the parts. It’s Slow, Even, and the parts turn out fine.
    Slow Powder Coat Video

    The Fast Powder Coat video is me imitating my co-worker and how he would powder the same parts, same auto guns doing the back and some of the inside. It’s fast, many strokes and after inspecting them with an LED light they WERE light and needed to be touched up.
    Fast Powder Coat Video

    And if you don’t believe me about how fast he powders I am in the process of uploading a video of him actually powdering some parts and having to stop the conveyor line with auto guns running to catch up. Which in turn makes the auto guns load up the back side of the parts and ruins them.

    SORRY for the book but I just have to get some other powder coaters input on this. your toughts

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