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    Hey my name’s Brandon. Just finally got started doing this after 4 months of researching, and aquiring as much free/cheap equipment as possible. I’m 24, just out of the Marines about a year ago. Me and my buddy Austin decided to start doing this as a hobby. Our real hobby is cars, but this kind of complements that hobby I think! We bought an Eastwood hotcoat hobby gun, got a free kitchen electric oven off craigs list. Ripped the vanity out of my bathroom I’m redoing, and made it into a ghetto little spray booth. So now we’re set! I’ve coated a couple things so far, and of course I have room to improve, but I’m happy with how things are starting. This forum seems to be awesome for info! As you can tell from some of the pics, we like to do things ourselves. You can see our every so beautiful wirefeed MIG welds on the piping we made!

    Again, Thanks for all the info everyone, and I hope to someday be as good as you all are.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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