new here, crazy gear head with fantasies of maxing out engines at Bonneville

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    Yep. that is me. My name is Nathan. I own a 91 Mustang, a 93 SHO, and a 99 S10(dime). I am new to this refinement.

    I grew up around musclecars and classics. My dad is STILL in possession of his 65 coupe straight 6 Mustang. It is powder blue and had the “sprint package” which was a chromed out breather and some other refinements.

    Anywho.. I live in Kansas, grew up in Kansas and was taught all kinds of ways to keep things going. As a small boy I pounded nails into the ground as my dad built his own garage. Even though I was wearing grown man’s boots at the time, I never stopped trying to learn and figure out why things were made the way they were, or how to improve on an old design.

    I worked for my uncle at his welding shop as a kid and learned (but rusty) on alot of metal working. By the time I left his shop at 16 I was plazma cutting, welding, and actually using an HVLP to paint what we built. I regularly D/A’d horse trailers, misc odds and ends, and even a box truck here and there. Metal prep and me are pretty tight even fast forwarding to today.

    My business has coated industrial, commercial, residential, and land movers. You name it, I have been apart of it. An old soul in a younger body.

    I look forward to meeting you guys, and sharing anything I can and learning a whole ton!

    btw can anyone tell me how to switch my settings so I am not seeing the new post in each thread first. It is mind numbing going from the bottom of the last page to the top of the first.. seriously hard to read.

    Thanks and pleased to meet you in advance!


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