New here, bunch of questions (not really answered by searching)

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    Hey guys, decided to buy a PC kit and have a few questions about getting started and eventually doing this on the side.

    I’ll be getting the hot coat kit and about 5 or 6 colors initally.

    Now, for my questions:

    • Where I can find a good diagram or plans for building my own powder booth? (One on wheels and made of wood. Saw a few in the “Your Shop” thread.)
    • If I have a blast cabinet, do I need PRE as well? And are there any other prep steps you can recommend?
    • I want to do this for me initally and then on the side later. What else might I need?

    Supplies and Tools:

    • Hot Coat Kit
    • Blast Cabinet
    • Powder booth
    • Oven
    • various powders
    • plugs and caps
    • tape

    Any other suggestions or help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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