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    Hi Folks
    I just order my EW HotCoat Elite kit today. Signed up for the Buyers and Powder Club and took advantage of the discounts.
    I’m totally new to this so I’ll be reading here to learn as much as I can and will start practicing as soon as the gun gets here. I got an old stove/oven that I’ll be using for backing. THe oven is not too big but I’m sure it’ll work for now. My intention is to powder coat everyting I can to make it look better but it will mostly be car parts. I try to save a penny every where I can so I try to do as much repairs myself and I was thinking, why not coat the parts while they are out? So I went ahead and said; “got for it”.

    A little about myself. I’m in the Air Force and work very long hours and don’t get paid enough 🙂 but we do it for our country!! Only cause we are free is that we can do all these things we do and I’m proud to be a direct part of it. We live in a very small town in Idaho and I have to admit I’m not much of the outdoor person so I try to keep myself busy at home by doing stuff around the house and fixing my 93 F-150. I also enjoy playing pool but that’s about it…work, work , work and spend some family time as long as my truck is not broke 🙂
    I have looked at this forum and i’m surprised and amazed on all the good info there is here. I do a little of polishing as well so I’m sure I’ll be surfing this forum as much as I can.
    I have a red truck so I ordered some Bright Red, High-gloss black, mirror black and some Gloss clear thinking that these will fit most of my trucks requirements and I also got a free bottle of chrome 🙂

    I have NO clue of what I’m getting myself into but it sure sounds like something I’ll enjoy. This will all be for personal use/satisfaction and I’m really looking forward to getting started.

    I want to thank you in advance for all the help and patience with me when I start asking all kind of basic questions. We all have to start some where and I’m in it now so might as well get good at it.

    Sorry for the long email I just excited about starting this new adventure.

    I will be changing the timing chain cover in my truck SOON due to a crack on it and oil all over the place. This means the waterpump, pullies, brackets and the new timing chain cover will be out as well as some other stuff with a potential for a good coat. :rolleyes: Any suggestions, what to do and/or NOT to do. Can I coat the water pump? I’m not sure if there is a seal on the pump itself, I guess I’ll find out when I take it off. I think the timing chain cover will look nice in any of the colors I’m getting but was leaning towards the chrome. It comes without the seal install so it’s just a big piece of cast aluminum but its got too many curves on it for me to polish it not to mentioned the rough surface that’ll need to be sanded down too much work for a hobbiest like me. Coating it sounds easier.


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