New Glavanized sheet metal PCing advice

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    Hello Everybody
    As I stated in the new metal prep post I’m new here

    I am looking for the quickest way of powder coating some solar heaters. I know with regular steel sheet metal I would have to blast or dip to remove the mill scale before PCing

    What about Galvanized sheet metal. Can you just clean it with denatured alcohol and powder and cure?

    I am going to start PCing but if I can land these solar heaters that will mean that I can get a better gun to start with. If not I am going to have to go with something like the H/F gun or that quality (price range) to start. I have done all kinds of painting in the past from brush & roller, airless, to automotive. I am just wanting to help supplement my income a little.
    Thanks in advance

    Ray “bikerdad46”

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