new Eastwood oven damaged in shipping question

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    Hi, I finally broke down and purchased a EW oven, I could not find information that I was comfortable with on building my own. So LOTS and I mean lots of money on both the oven and the shipping, I got it today and its damaged.

    Its only cosmetic damage, fairly major scratches on the door. I have placed a call to Eastwood and I will speak to them tomorrow but my immediate question is how upset would you be ? It is after all only cosmetic and it is only a tool. I was tempted to just ignore it since I am not sure I want to go through the hassle of getting it repaired. My concern is that I deal with Italian Exotic cars and also the very old British cars and my shop is also my showplace, clients come here and expect to see it clean and neat and not beaten up.

    The scratches on the door are all the way through the galvinizing and into bare metal, it will rust. What would you do ? what would you expect ?

    The pictures are not great because it was raining today and I could not move cars out to take the pictures so its rather crowded but pics are at

    I have full faith in EW to make it right by the way just wondering if I am being overly picky and complaining when I should not be.

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