New Compressor. Now what?

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    Today I got my new Craftsman Pro air compressor. Specs are 175psi/5.5hp/80gallon/twin-cylinder/oil lubed/240V/ 17.4scfm @ 100psi.
    Hired an electrician to hard-wire it in my garage.
    Now come the questions. 😀
    The owners manual shows a diagram of a typical air distribution system. It appears to utilize some kind of steel piping, with regulators, lubricators, filters, drain draps, moisture separators, etc. What the heck have I got myself in to here? :confused:
    My work area is very small, hence I can’t see running all this piping etc. in my garage. Is all of this necessary? My main uses for the compressor is media blasting, airing of tires, and blowing parts dry.
    If it IS necessary, can anyone simplify the procedure for me? I totally lost here!
    Many Thanks for your time and replies.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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