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    First off hello, my name is Chris. I’ve been lurking on the forums reading up about all the home builds on all the ovens. Pretty awesome stuff some of you have come up with. I went out to a shop in a nearby city that does powder coating to get a quote on a few parts for my motorcycle and I was pretty pleased with the price. Well the guy gave me a nice tour of his small shop and I got a chance to see him powder coat in action. Gotta tell ya, doesn’t look too difficult from watching, and I am sure there are a TON of techniques followed and it’s no where near as easy as it seemed. BUT, it looked like there was really not a whole ton of equipment involved and looking at the prices of powder it seems to be pretty profitable for what the powder and electricity cost. So then I started looking at the cost of already made powder coating ovens and my dreams were destroyed. Low and behold I clicked on a link that said homemade powder coating oven, and the life was instantly restored to my urge to powder coat. A good week of research later, and here I am, ready to begin.

    Here’s the plan, a 4’L x 4’W x 6’H oven. Here’s the problem, no electricity in my detached garage.

    So far with the research I have come up with this is what I need:

    Power for garage
    Trencher rental
    60 or 100 amp main lug sub panel for garage
    60amp AFCI breaker for main panel
    60amp breaker for sub panel
    15amp breaker for sub panel (lights)
    20amp breaker for sub panel (power outlets)
    #10 copper equipment grounding conductor
    #6/3 THHN/THWN wire entire run
    PVC insulation for entire run
    220v receptacle
    #14 romex (lights)
    #12 romex (power outlets)
    2 COLD WEATHER fluorescent lights for garage
    1 two gang light switch
    3 110v receptacles wired in series with 1 GFCI

    Powder coating oven ( 6′ x 4′ x 4′ )
    (16) 6′ metal 3 5/8 studs for front, back, both sides framing with all studs spaced 12” apart
    (8) 4′ metal 3 5/8 studs for top and bottom framing with studs spaced 12” apart
    (4) 4′ x 6′ 20 gauge galvanized steel sheet metal for insides
    (2) 4′ x 4′ 20 gauge galvanized steel sheet metal for inside top and bottom
    (8) 6’7 5/8” x 4’7 5/8” 20 gauge galvanized steel sheet metal for outside (7 5/8” extra is for bending around the sides of the studs)
    (4) 4’7 5/8 x 4’7 5/8” 20 gauge galvanized steel sheet metal for top and bottom outsides (7 5/8” extra is for bending around the sides of the studs)
    Sheet metal to cover elements (sizing later)
    3 elements at 2600-3000 watts each
    1 40amp contactor
    1 digital PID controller
    1 Thermocoupler
    2 oven lights
    6 peices of angle iron for shelves
    2 peices of tracking for ceiling
    128 sq/ft. 2” unfaced fiberglass or mineral wool
    High temp wiring for elements
    Rope seal for main door
    Rope seal for sight window/door
    2 6′ pieces of angle iron for door support
    4 hinges for main door
    2 hinges or 1 large hinge for sight window/door
    4 clamps for main door and sight window/door
    Pop rivets
    High temp silicone
    Terminals for all wiring connections

    Is there anything crucial I am missing or is this set up pretty much close enough as a starting point for fine tuning later on. I don’t know a darn thing about the thermocouple and pid set up and I have no idea which ones to get but I am pretty confident I will be able to build the oven itself just fine. Just looking for any input, suggestions, comments. I can’t WAIT to get this project started so I can get my hands into this wonderful hobby. Everything I own that is metal better watch out!

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