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    I have been reading this forum for a few weeks now and tonight I just joined. I really appreciate the input from the Veteran Powder Coaters it has been really informative it is people such as yourselves with the knowledge to take a few minutes of your time and just put it out there for all of us.. I just start my business 6 months ago, and it’s really coming along. I have set up my business to do mainly commerical stuff, however I am picking up a lot of walk in with car and ATV parts to P/C. I started from scatch and never P/C before it isn’t rocket science, but you do need to know a little. I purchased a packaged deal 20 ft. Applications Booth, 20 ft. oven, steam washer, 30 Hp kaeser Compressor to take care of my entire shop setup, and a Eurotech Box feed Gun. I am for the most part pleased with all my equipment except for gun and some tech support. Soon as I am able I will be purchasing a new Gema box feed unit, from what I have gathered from forums they are the best on the market. I landed a couple of contracts and this is what enable me to invest the money I did form start. Things are really looking up, I see in the very near future purchasing more equipment ,but I doubt if I go with the last Company I bought my equipment from because I could never get them to come up and take maybe a half or a full day to assist me in my training and get me started, especially after the money I spent. I won’t mention the company name, I will say they will miss out on about a 60 K purchase this coming Spring when I expand. They were all about the sale but the follw up was very poor.

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