New at PC, want to coat these rims (see Pic.) Suggestions on how to start?

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    Hi All,

    I’m new at Powder Coating and want to coat these rims you see in the picture below, one off them has some spots of the alkaline cleaner (HG) that spilled on it. Beside from that they are new and I dont think there is a coating on them at the moment.

    I’m located in Belgium and I’m a proud owner of my very own hotcoat system with some high gloss black powder. It’s not so easy and fast to order chemicals from the Eastwood website and many things are called different over here.
    I’m looking for someone to help me going, put things in the right order because you read ALLOT of different stories on how to powdercoat.

    For now i’m planning on:

    degreasing first with some Acetone
    Alkaline clean with the product HG (see info below) Alkaline cleaner i think
    outgas for about an hour
    abrasive blast the rims
    Clean with Distilled water

    any suggestions are welcome, i want to do this the right way.

    I bought:

    -Abrasive blasting ( no media yet)
    -HG “liquid drain unblocker”

    S.G. : 1,24 g/ml
    pH: 13 – 14
    Active matter: 26%
    Components: anionics, sodium hydroxide, water

    -Distilled water

    I would really apreciate for someone to put the puzzle together, right order, tips from the pro’s

    in other words: HEEEEEELP 🙂


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