New 5lbs of powder diffrent color then old 5pnds!

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    Hi guys,

    I am in the middle of a project that calls for translucent red, I emptied my first 5 pounder that was purchased in December without issue, and then opened a new jar that was just received last week. But the new color has no gloss. The red is the same just not shiny!

    So now im halfway though a order with half glossy parts a few flat parts and some not painted yet.

    I thought maby I didn’t shoot the color right so I tried again on some scrap, following same procedure.
    argent silver base, 5min @450, 10min-ish at 400, shoot tran-red, 5min @450, 20min @400. Same as I have done for the first 5 pounds. But the scrap still came out dull and not glossy.

    Is this a powder issue? is it a shop issue? I took one picture today can take more if needed. if you look the upper frame, and the test piece are both shiny but the lower frame and kickstand are red, but flat -.-….. any help?


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