Need your help to TIG different thickness metals, settings, etc??

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    I purchased a Lincoln Precision TIG 185, 4 months ago at a Good Guys show. One of the selling points and comments about tig in at least two books, & sales reps. are, you can tig different thickness metals. One basic welding book says “you could weld a razor blade to an anchor, with TIG.”
    Merlin the magician, might could. I have had poor results in my attempts, the thin metal always wants to melt away once you get the thicker metal to puddle.
    I find it a tedious, sloppy chore to lap weld even 18 guage & 1/8″ steel.
    Let me hear from your experiences.

    Question: what settings, electrode, filler, technique should I use, i.e. those for the thicker or thinner metal, or something in between? Any experienced advice is appreciated.

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