Need to Topcoat EDP or Epoxy Primer?

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    Hey Kevin.

    I’ve been following your Zed Sled series; it’s terrific! It’s very timely for me; I’m restoring an old pickup truck now, but the last time I painted a car, the paint shop would ask: “Do you what that in lacquer or enamel?” So needless to say, my knowledge of materials is bit out-of-date. The information that you are providing through Eastwood is invaluable — and very entertaining!

    I’ve got two specific questions, that I cannot seem to find an answer to, so I thought I’d ask the Pro!

    1) In a location that won’t be exposed to much light or the elements, such as the engine bay, does the EDP coating that comes on replacement panels need to be top coated? For example, do I need to paint my new radiator core support before I place it into service?

    2) In the same situation, does the Eastwood Epoxy Primer need to be top coated? The stuff is terrific; I’m thinking it will help with corrosion resistance on inner fenders, but do I also need to paint it?

    Thanks so much for your help, Kevin!

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