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Posted: November 23, 2006 By: 54chevy
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    Any one have some good pics of how they keep thier polishing stuff neat? I’ve got stuff everywhere and it is hidious. Keep in mind I am working out of my garage and space is limited. I have about 16 buffs from 6″ to 12″, A dozen die drinders which I’m using my air tool racks for those. 10 pounds of compounds 5 poungs of greasless, a bunch of 4″ wheels on arbors, all kinds of sanding disks, rolls, and felt bobs assorted sand paper ect ect ect. The problem it is all over the shop some here some there. I want to make it look more professional. I have some ideas, but wanted to see what others have done. I’m thinking peg board, shelves and small bins.

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