Need to blast my car.

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    Hello Kevin
    My name is Scotty and I have a few questions on paint removal. First I am working on a 1970 Dodge Coronet Sedan, and am trying to do as much of the resto that I can by myself and still achieve pro results. I am taking the body apart so I can prep for paint removal and ultimately working the body over for paint. My question is this; which is better for me soda or sand blasting? While soda blasting is a little more expensive it seems to be a lot less invasive and damaging to my panels and a little safer for me. I have researched a little online and found that there are mixed reviews. Some like it and some don’t because it is hard to remove the residue that is left behind by the soda. Is this a true story? I expect to do more prep work after blasting to save the hammer and dooly work I would have to do after sand blasting. I figured on sanding the entire panel with 80-100 grit paper after blasting anyways to help remove residue and any residual rust no removed from the blasting process. I have been looking at the 100 Lb blaster sold by Eastwood. Will this be good enough to blast an entire car? (Sections at a time of course) How much media will be needed for this car? It has very minimal rust and I can sand and grind out the tough spots. And finally is soda blasting efficient? Will I go through media quickly? I use all the tech tips I can from the power block on Spike TV and find that you as well as the other hosts are a wealth of knowledge!

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