Need sway bars powder coated.

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    I have the hobby kit with a house stove. I have powder coated every part on the car that will fit in the stove that wasn’t painted or chrome. But, I really want my sway bars powder coated but I do not have the time to build a pregnant oven and to be honest, I know how I am. I am too much of a perfectionist that if I try to do these 2 parts myself I will end up wasting a whole weekend (maybe more) and still not be happy with my results (I dont even want to tell you how many times I powder coated my hood hinges, AND stripped them till I was happy with them!). I was wondering what someone on this forum that has the capability to blast them and powder coat them would charge me? I even have the powder for it (starlite purple)? Maybe we’re not supposed to ask this stuff on the forum and if thats the case I apologize, but I am on a time frame with getting this car done and need to get the sway bars done. The good part is they can be put on the car after pretty much everything else so I do have a month or so to work with.. Anyone who is interested please shoot me an E-mail..

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