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    I’m in the middle of a little underbody rehab on my 1998 Dodge Dakota, and I need some insight on the proper way to apply Rust Encapsulator and Extreme Gloss Chassis Black.

    I had the truck undercoated when I got it new, and now it just looks horrible. So now I’m stripping the undercoating and hoping to apply Rust Encapsulator as a rust-preventing base and then Extreme Gloss Chassis Black as a top coat.

    Right now, I’m clearing off the undercoating with a heat gun & scraper (and a wire wheel for tough parts), then going over the cleared area with a DA sander with 80 grit to get to bare metal. Suprisingly, I have found no rust on the frame…So I’m happy about that! 🙂

    Question #1: Can I apply the Rust Encapsulator directly to the bare metal, or do I need to apply something before hand?? (Obviously I’ld clean the area with wax & grease remover or lacquer thinner first)

    Question #2: After applying RE, what do I need to do before applying the Extreme Gloss?? My body shop “basecoat / clearcoat” logic is telling me that I should sand the RE with 400 grit beforehand to get proper adhesion, but I’ve also read on the forums that a top coat can be applied right after the 2hr flash cure time. What would be the correct procedure??

    Thanks for your input! 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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