Need some info on building an oven.

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    Hello everybody,I just bought my Eastwood dual voltage starter package and some extras and I am interested in building an oven and adding powder coating to my business. I have been reading around on a bunch of forums trying to gather as much info as I can. I send Teds Fab an email last Tuesday and I was just wondering about how long it takes to receive a reply back? But I will post some of my questions here to see If anybody here can help me out. I also signed up on the Caswell forums since I have read they have a good oven building forum but it will not let me post over there.

    I have been looking at Teds control boxes listed on ebay as well as some of the other parts he uses on his ovens listed on his web site. Here are a couple questions I have if anybody can help out.

    Are the 4, 3200 watt heaters the largest you can run with the 2, 40 amp magnetic contact relays, or would I be able to run 4, 3800 watt heaters on those relays? I plan to start out with powder coating but would like to add ceramics also a little while down the road, I like to plan ahead. I was thinking about possibly building a 4x4x6 oven (maybe 3x4x6) and adding in a insulated shelf maybe 2′ from the top of the unit when doing ceramics. I have thrown some other numbers around as well in the calculators online to try and figure this out.

    Would it be possible to have 2 heater switches on the control box? 1 switch for the 2 main heaters for powder coating and 1 switch for the 2 secondary heaters for when I start doing ceramics? Or could all 4 just always run, cooler when powder coating and then they would crank up the heat with ceramics?

    Would it also be possible to run the 3 elements on 1 power switch and then 1 extra element on a second switch or would that require a different magnetic contact relay other than what Teds boxes normally use? This is not a big deal 2 and 2 would probably work fine rather than 3 and 1.

    I would like to keep the amps under 40-50 max when powder coating but when doing ceramics it could go over that (I will probably add the 2 extra heat elements later on for ceramics but want to have the controls there ready to go.)

    I know I will also want to add a light inside and possibly a fan that Ted sells if it can withstand the ceramic temps. Does having a fan circulating the air effect the finish of the powder coating at all such as creating runs or anything like that?

    Does Teds control box come with the connectors to connect the elements to high temp wire?

    Thanks for any help.

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