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    I bought a blast cabinet about a month ago thinking that I’d be blasting EVERYTHING before PC-ing. However for some reason I can’t get my compressor to stop kicking on. Do I have the PSI too high for blasting use? Are other people have the same issues? Maybe the crappy gun that came with the cabinet just sucks?

    Should I be chemical stripping first and then just using blasting as a final clean? What stripper is best for paint and what’s best for powder coats? Is there one that I can use safely in my house without worrying about tons of odor? If not, it’s ok for me to do it in my garage, but I’d prefer not to with the amount of scrubbing I’d have to do. (At least I could watch some TV. 🙂 )

    I also soaked some calipers in a simple green bath (concentrate and water 1:1). They came out good, but I made the mistake of putting something else in there as well and the disolved grease in the liquid semi stained the alum piece I tossed in there. I’m guessing the Simple Green baths are a 1 time use only?

    Anyway, you guys have been a great help and I’m really looking forward to getting my small business up and running.


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