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    Jeremy D

    Greetings Kevin, all,

    First off I will start by saying that I’m a noob when it comes to painting (have done a bit of bodywork but never painting). My current project is my ’84 GMC S15 4×4 that I am in the middle of media blasting right now. Kevin, I have all 5 of your DVD’s and they are a god-sent when it comes to anything auto body, so thank you very much. I have read your article about the restoration of your Mustang, Project Jaded, and how you took all the same steps I’m planning on doing. I’m using all Eastwood products for my project including their Concours guns. Now to my questions;

    1. How many coats of epoxy do you recommend I lay down before doing my filler work (I’m using the black 1:1)?
    2. Is it recommended to use the contour poly on top of the epoxy/filler work or can I just go right to the 2K urethane primer (I’m not looking for show car results, just a good paint job so I’m not going crazy with the blocking)?
    3. When should I seam seal, on top of the urethane primer or base coat?
    4. I’m using Lizard Skin insulation on the floor (thermal on the underside and sound control on the top side). Should it go on top of the urethane primer or base coat?
    5. To apply the Lizard Skin, do I need to use their special gun or will a regular undercoating gun work?

    I apologize for this being so long-winded but after doing some reading on the forum and the product cans themselves, I still had some questions. I just don’t want to waste the products or my time by having to redo something.



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