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    So I am currently doing some rust repair on the rockers and cab corners of my 2003 s10 crewcab. I plan to weld in new panels and paint the lower portion of the truck with black monstaliner bedliner – including the front bumper, rear bumper, fenders, and the lower portions of the doors. I also plan to paint the sides of the truck bed with the factory metallic green paint.

    Where the monstaliner is going, I plan to

    1. cut out the old rust
    2. stitch weld replacement panels
    3. grind it smooth
    4. epoxy primer
    5. body filler
    6. 2k urethane primer
    7. thinned down epoxy primer to act as a sealer
    8. roll on monstaliner

    Where the metallic green paint is going on the bed, I plan to
    [*]sand down a few small rust areas to bare metal and scuff the paint that is in good condition
    [*]epoxy primer
    [*]body filler (if needed)
    [*]2k urethane primer
    [*]thinned down epoxy primer to act as a sealer
    [*]spray metallic green paint
    [*]clear coat

    I just want to make sure I have everything in order and not missing anything.
    I have also been having a tough time finding what to exactly purchase.

    What I plan to buy is a pint of green paint from AutomotiveTouchUp which will cover 25 sq. ft and I should only need to cover 15 sq. ft.
    The monstaliner will cover 60 sq. ft. but I should only need to cover about 45 sq .ft.
    Thus leading to need to buy primer and clear coat.
    After a few calculations, the epoxy primer will need to cover a total of 60 sq. ft. so I will need a quart of epoxy primer (with catalyst) which will produce 2 quarts and a quart of 2k urethane primer.

    So far I plan to purchase
    [*]epoxy primer –
    [*]2k urethane primer –
    [*]2k urethane catalyst –
    [*]urethane clear –
    [*]clear activator –

    I feel like there must be an easier option than having to buy the urethane, it’s catalyst, the clear, and the clear’s activator? I don’t know why but I feel like I am buying an excess of what I need or I am over complicating this. With the epoxy primer it’s a simple package deal of the primer and the catalyst for $40.

    Any advice in regards to what to buy/not but would be extremely helpful, thank you.

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