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    Hey guys. I have a little issue. I have a show truck that ive built. I have 22″ boyd coddington billet wheels on it. I love the look of freshly polished aluminum way over the look of chrome. The thing is. I like to take the truck out on every nice day i can. and I wash it often. The rims get all hazy after washing them even when i dry them off!!!!!!!!! thats after i just fully polished them and used wheel sealant!!!!! I want to get them cleared by powder coating. I havent been able to find pics of rims that are polished then clear powdercoated to see the shine loss. can anyone show me pics? and could they yellow? what kinda prep is involved to get the best results. I know ill have to polish them to what i want them to look like. then what? Any help is appreciated. I cant deal with all my hard work goin down the drain

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