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    I purchased an 88 Dodge Ramcharger a few months ago, it is now mechanically sound, lifted 6″ and ready to get a little prettier than it is now. The body is solid, there is some surface rust but I plan on sanding that down anyway. First project is to get some paint on the frame and differentials, I’m not looking to enter any shows with this vehicle so I would like to do this in one step. A satin black would be nice. I have surface rust on the differentials but the rest is in pretty good shape.

    The next project will be the interior, it is currently red, I plan on recovering all vinyl pieces with something havent decided yet, but I need to paint/dye all plastics, color will be black or a dark grey/graphite. Sound deadening would be nice, the interior will be stripped so I have a blank canvas to work with.

    Next would be the exterior/interior body paint I plan on flat black at the moment, leaning towards the rat rod paint for the body and would like to do all my chrome trim in a satin black as the full cage roof rack and side steps and wheels are satin. So I’m going to need a self etcher I guess.

    I have plenty of tools but all my paint equipment is really old school so I’m going to need a new gun, I have alot of different products to spray as mentioned above, so something that will do it all would be nice. I’m down to a home compressor at the moment, 5 hp 20 gallon, will upgrade to whatever is recommended and can always borrow a bigger one.

    Thanks in advance for all the help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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