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    Ok, I have 1990 Mustang GT I’m fixing up… right now I’m doing some strut tower/frame rail area repairs. The new metal I’m coating with the Eastwood rust encapsulator, and then going over with the extreme chassis black primer and extreme chassis black satin paint in the rattle cans. And the inside frame rail I’m using the eastwood frame rail encapsulator.
    Once I get that done (I have the motor pulled out) I want to paint the whole engine compartment. I have a cheap media blaster that I have been using and well as wire wheel…, any rusty areas I was going to blast and then brush on the rust encapsulator. On the non rust areas I would I just need to scuff the old paint??? I have a qt of the extreme chassis black primer and the extreme chassis satin paint that I wanted to spray the whole engine compartment and wheel well areas (fender’s removed) with. I have the Concours paint gun with all (3) tips, 1.2, 1.4, and 1.8. Do I need to mix either of these with anything thinner or are they both ready to spray? And what tip would I use? Also, for the areas that have the rust encapsulator on, do I have to do anything to that if it has been applied days/ weeks before I spray the whole area with the extreme chassis primer/paint??
    Also, there are some dings and a few light rust area’s where the paint was scraped off on the body…. For the dings do I need to grind/sand down to bare metal before applying bondo? Should the bondo even be applied to bare metal or should I coat there area with something else first?
    And after the area is bondoed, what primer should I used to coat it (it may be some time before the car is painted) since these are small section’s something in a rattle can I guessing would be better instead or using the paint gun??? . And what would be the best bondo to get for this?

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