Need help with engine bay prep and paint

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    50 Proof

    I’m going to be painting the engine bay on my 65 Mustang satin black and need some guidance where to go from here.

    I stripped the old paint off with Jasco, then had to step away from project and didn’t treat the metal. There’s now light to medium surface rust and some minor pitting. The battery tray has heavier pitting. I started removing the surface rust with 50 grit with intention to step up to 400 grit to smooth the metal.

    I was planning on using rattle can self etching primer after removing rust and smoothing scratches, then spray a semi gloss top coat but now I’m questioning if I should be going about this differently.

    Should I use Fast Etch to finish stripping the rust? Do i need to use an encapsulator in case if i don’t get all the rust? What would be best (and affordable) way to remove the rust and prep/paint the metal?

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