Need help with a valve cover

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    I’m hoping for advice on how best to approach this one.


    I want to do it in red with black letters. The letters are recessed. I’m thinking I’ll do the whole thing in red first and then mask off the letters and shoot them with black. This means the black would be a second coat over the red. Would this work ok? Is there a better way?


    I’m not certain how to handle the underside of this. As you can see, the ends of the cover stick out past where the gasket seals. I can tape things easy enough for applying the powder but I’m not sure how to protect it when AO blasting it. Should I just tape it off and be as careful as I can when blasting? Is there a better way?

    I’m assuming I really don’t want to get any powdercoat on the underside of this thing…. can’t imagine it would hold up inside the engine… and if it doesn’t, I can’t imagine it what loose pieces of powdercoat would do to the inside of an engine.

    Last issue….


    As you can see, the casting has some pits in it. I assume it will look like crap if I don’t fill these first. I know Eastwood sells high temp lab metal for this purpose, but is there anything more reasonably priced that I could use? Also, should I fill it before or after I blast it? Which way would give a more uniform finish?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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