Need HELP with a high torque starter problem!!!!

Posted: October 22, 2011 By: sethc

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    Ok here’s the details, I have a 56 belair with 69 chevy 302 in it, the tranny is not the orignal and not exactly sure what it is, It was my dads car and was told its a racing tranny. Im looking to get a high torque starter for it, The starter that I took off of it was bolted to the bell housing and not the block like it should be for a 69 302 although the bolt holes are on the block as well. I bought a HT starter for a 69 chevy 302 with straight bolt pattern to see if it would bolt up to the block like it should but when I tried it it didn’t have the clearence to the fit the hole in the bell housing and bolt up like it should. After further cleaning I found that the starter that came off was a Delco Remy starter and stamped part #1107664. When I looked up that part # it says its for a 56-60 corvette. With all that being said does anyone know if anyone makes a High Torque starter that will replace that Delco starter and that will bolt to the bell housing. Thanks for the long read and any help will be much needed. Seth

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