Need help with ’88-91 Vette factory aluminum heads

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    Hi all,

    I am having no luck with the Vette Forums,tech places, parts houses, or Chevy dealerships. So I will post here, mebbe one of the forum members can help me.

    I need to find someone with a factory workshop repair / overhaul manual (not the glove box owners manual) for 1988-1991Chevrolet Corvettes that outlines proper procedure for replacing headgaskets on an engine eqipped with factory installed aluminum heads.

    I have a ZZ3 crate engine in my ’71 Monte Carlo which is equipped with these heads, and I am in the process of replacing the head gaskets, but cannot get any info from any place that outlines this procedure. My main concern is in regards to whether the head bolts are in fact of the stretch- or torque-to-yield variety, as this would have great impact on how I assemble the engine. I have conflicting info from authorized GM Performance Parts dealers, and really don’t want to jack up a nice motor. The officila GM Performance Parts website catalog refers to the bolts as suitable for iron or aluminum heads. A line mechanic has said that all Gen1 (’55-’91 pass car, and later truck Vortecs) use the same torque method, at least that how he assembles’em.

    If someone has a copy of these manuals, and can get scans or somehow relay the important info to me, I would be grateful.

    Best regards and Thank you’s!

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