Need help to protect my Stainless Steel buffing work

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    I am doing a huge buffing project on the stainless and chrome trim for 1958 Chris Craft Contellation. I am using a 6 step buffing process and the results are amazing BUT….. I am wanting to protect my investment/work by puting a sealer on the metal before re-attaching it.

    1. Is this a worthwhile thing to do?
    2. What product is *BEST for stainless and chrome
    3. Does the process of sealing with a product like Zoops dull the finish
    4. Can I spot polish the metal in place (with hand applied metal polish) after it has been sealed without removing the sealant, etc.

    This is all new territory for me and what I’m ultimately looking for is that 100pt show shine that won’t need to be re-done every few months.

    Thanks in advance,

    – Jeff

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