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    OK, been doing this PC’ing thing for a while now,about 8 months.
    Right now instead of 8 months experience I feel like I have 1 month experience 8 times.

    I am trying to coat some AC/Heating vents. They are nothing fancy just everyday vents make of some cheap metal.
    I have stripped them to bare, bead blasted them, and without handling them blew them off with some air. Later I tried soaking one of them with a solvent as I have with other items.
    Using EW’s white and EW’s hobby gun.
    Hanging them with good clean wire and checked for grounding.
    I varied the distance and that did not help.
    If I keep pouring it on I finally get enough on it – – but I mean pourrrringgggg
    it on and wasting way to much.

    I know sometimes heating the item helps make it stick, and that probably would work.
    But, I just don’t feel right with that being the answer.

    Not sure what else to add. Just stumpppppped on this one.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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