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    I’m not really doing any major body work, just light rust removal… for example… inside the wheel well area, and in the engine compartmant and strut tower area… I have a little bubbling rust… and surface rust on some sections of the frame rails, I’m going to blast this with my small sandblaster.. and use the eastwood frame/chassis paint (at leasts that’s my plan right now)… the car is white, but I might end up painting the egine compartment black @ some point in the futrue (can I juse use the chassis paint), (when I pull motor out…) but for right now I just want to make sure I use the right primer to cover this bare metal and then topcoat with the frame/chassis paint on the areas I remove rust… For inside the frame rails I want to use the eastwood internal frame paint.

    Now on the body it’s self… the only rust I really see is like where the car had a scrape or something on the fenders in a few spots… really don’t need to blast that, just sanding should remove that… but here is where my main concern to use the right primer to cover it to keep from rusting until I can get it painted next year… since there are etching primers and expoxy primers… ect… …

    and there is really only one spot on the rear quater panel that the rust is a little thicker/heavy… only a 1/2″ spot, but when I’m done sanding/grinding, it maybe need just a little glazing putty I guess… there won’t be any holes, but could be a little low spot after.

    For the new front bumper cover, I think it’s alaready in a black type primer, (it dosen’t have any paint on it) but does need some fine sanding in the cut out areas… so I figure I would need to prime this again before I put on car… and would stay that way until I take it to a paint shop… just looking to see what primer type that should be done it… I just don’t want to use something (primer) on the car that would cause issues next year when I get the car painted….

    also in the crowl, below the windshied on the out side of car there is a lot of light surface rust… not sure yet how good I can get in an sand yet.. Have to remove vent cover ect…

    btw this is on a 1990 Ford Mustang GT (foxbody)

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