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    Was wondering if someone would help?

    Can anyone sugesst a spray gun to be used for priming and clear coating.
    My grapics,and stripes. Or should I not clear stripes. I’ve been using Eastwoods one shot paint for stripes with no clear. Because of enamels.
    I hope this make sense for someone to help.

    One last question. Bought, Airbrush for motor cycle tanks and fenders.
    Do I need a spray gun for larger work. (GRAPHICS) clearing.

    Am starting back after a long layoff. And could really use some advice.
    Thanks for any help in purchases I would need.

    So far have an Iwataair brus with small gravity cup and compressor.
    Have large compressor for bigger apint guns. Just need input.
    Thank you for any help…Robert

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