Need Help I’m About To Start Polishing My Aluminum Car Wheels

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    I am new to the Eastwood Forums and would like to get some advice/help from the experts before starting on my first project. I will be polishing 4 aluminum wheels off of my car. I have done endless research on the internet over the past few weeks trying to find exactly the right process and materials required to do this job right, but have yet to feel comfortable that I am ready and able. I will be ordering the Wheel Smoothing and Buffing Kits from Eastwood, which is said to include everything needed to do this job minus the drill/die grinder/buffer. This tool selection is the area I feel most uncomfortable. As of now I feel getting a medium to high quality electric drill capable of 2500 rpm will be all I need. Is this the case? I want to do this job right so please be brutally honest and let me know what I need exactly(rpm minimum/maximum?, electric/cordless?, 3/4 or 1/2 drive?, what good brand?, from where?) I plan on doing this first set of wheels for myself and then hopefully continuing on to do much more for others so if investing in a more expensive/longer lasting piece of equipment is an option please let me know. I ask this because I have not been able to find an electric die grinder only those for use with air compressors which I don’t have. Is is possible to use an angle grinder? Will the wheels attach to it properly? As you can see I am totally lost on what machine or machines are needed to properly do this job. Sorry this is such a long post I just want to get all the information out. In short, what piece of equipment do I need to polish and buff 4 aluminum automotive wheels to a mirror like shine and what extra little things would be needed that are not included in the Eastwood Wheel Smoothing and Buffing Kits? (Besides air plane stripper to begin and clear coat to seal after buffing) Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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