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    I need help with some stainless car moldings. I have buffed them as good as I can, using the E kit. Dedicated buffs, and compounds. But I cannot get that final mirror look. They actually look pretty good, but not great.

    Some time back I took some moldings to a place that chemically polishes stainless. Great folks, great process. There I learned about differences in stainless. They dipped one piece for me. It came out like the dull side of aluminum foil. It was explained to me that the car moldings were a cheap grade of stainless(what a surprise) having a greater iron content, therefor not suitable for the chemical polishing process. So back to the buffer I went. I have used dozens of polishes and waxes, but still cannot get that final shine like I have seen the pros get. What more do I have to do, and how do I do it?

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