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    I have an 1987 GMC Cab and Chassis 4×4 truck that has served as a salt spreading vehicle for I dont know how long under two different owners. Actually, the second owner made a half hearted attempt to clean and repair the frame. But used the truck for a couple of winters as a plow / salt spreader and didnt wash the truck religiously when done.

    I now own the truck, and although I will be using it for the same type of work this winter, I want to do something to prevent the frame from getting any worse until next spring when I have plans to sand blast the entire frame and do a frame off resto.

    Can I get away with grinding down, or wire brushing down the frame as best as I can and using the Rust encapsulator or will oxisolv be a better choice first, followed by grinding or wire brushing. The frame is solid so I was thinking coating it with Oxisolv letting that work, cleaning it off and then hitting the real bad spots with the wire brush and grinder.

    I would also like to know if Oxisolve is safe to use outside since I dont have a garage and floor drain. I don’t want anything bad getting into catch basins by accident ( I would never hose it off and down a drain intentionally.)

    What is the best way to clean off Oxisolve after its been used on a Chassis, and is it safe for use around brake lines, and rubber etc.????????

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