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    I am wanting to do some gold leaf work on my Harley tank and fairing. The bike is H-D Lava Red Sunglow, pretty much a darker candy apple red. I want to use varigated gold leaf with red in it and do some flames. I think I might use some thin coats of translucent candy colors airbrushed on the tips of the flames for added effect and pinstripe the outline of the flames.
    I used to do custom paint work (murals/lettering/striping) back in the custom van days for grins before family & job took all my time. I am retired now. I still have my airbrushes and pinstriping and lettering brushes. I never tried gold leaf, though I was close at one time and still have a book of silver leaf.
    Need info on surface prep, sizing, leaf application, clearcoating, anything that pertains. Greatly appreciate any help.

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