Need all of your expert advise on this one

Posted: September 28, 2005 By: eager_to_learn

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    Ok guys I know I only come here to get help every once in a while but I truly appreciate all the help I do get. Here’s my situation.

    I have a 95 Honda Civic which I have had since it was new. I have invested over 25,000 into it (i know that may not seem appropriate for some of you but it is my hobby.) I have been in the military for 5 years now and I am due to get out in Jan 07′ I have full intent on opening my own shop where I will specialize in custom fabrication of fibergalss parts/ custom audio/visual body work and paint. I love doing it. I recently painted my wife’s car a metallic rasberry pink. It was my first “real” paintjob. It came out great I get compliments from body shop employees all the time. So I am definately in it for the long term. Anyway on to my situation. I am looking for tips on the “perfect paintjob” I have sanded the whole car through the clearcoat and into the stock black base coat. Should I go down to bare metal and start fresh or just leave it as it and prime at this stage. I also have a lot of body mods on my car and it is extremely low to the ground.

    I will have all the windows and pieces that are removable removed, however I cannot remove seperate parts such as fenders bumpers sideskirts etc… because they are molded to the car.

    I have chosen to paint the car a very bright white with a very distinct blue pearl. I have never woorked with a pearl pant before so tips here would be greatly appreciated. Really, any tips on any part of this project would be appreciated.

    I will be using a booth to paint but I do not have my own gun nor do I know too much about them. I’m sure everyone has their preferances but a few ideas would be nice. I learn things very very quickly so a beginners gun is not what I am looking for. I want a great quality gun. I can adapt to flow with the guns potential. Finally primer tips, best quality paint brands, and the glossiest clear money can buy.

    This car is going to be used in my shops showroom for all to see the type of work I am capable of so this needs to be done “perfect” any help in any of the above mentioned tips and suggestions would be great. I look forward to hearing your helpful information.

    Thank you,

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