need advise on project truck with rust!

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    i am gonna be painting an 87 blazer for a friend and gotta lotta work and could use a lot of advise. he’s not lookin for a show piece, just wants to make it look good and stop the rust. he is debating a complete color change, but i am lookin at the solutions for the rust right now. the under carraige was undercoated at one time and it is peeling off terribly. most of ity will come off when i pressure wash it. after i get that all clean, what would you recommend to apply?
    now, onto the body. it is solid, but has quite a few spots where the paint is bubbled. i plan on grinding/sanding off what i can and sand blasting rust out of the pits. i am also thinkin maybe i should do something to the back sides of the panels where i can. so what would be a recommended product/ products?

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