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    I bought the Rally Wheel Prep To Paint Kit Item No. 10344 Z for the rims of my truck and am in the process of taking care of them. I did the spare as a test subject which came out pretty good but made some mistakes along the way so know i’m ready to do the rest and need some step by step info. I was just going to shoot them w/my spray gun but decided it’d be easier to use spray cans for clean-up ease. These are the steps i took w/the first one so please give me any tips or corrections to make the rest even better and easier.

    1)Obviously remove all paint, rust, oil and other junk down to bare metal.
    2)wipe down w/paint thinner(does it matter if it’s “paint thinner” or “laquer thinner”?)
    3)Shoot w/the etching primer(How much drying time should i allow before top coating?)
    4)Hit the primer w/800 grit then top-coat, let dry for 24 hours and hit again(how many top-coats should be applied and should they be wet-sanded between coats or before clear is to be applied??)
    5)Once i’m happy w/base i hit w/1000 wet then clear coat(Diamond Clear Gloss)- 2 coats then hit very lightly w/1500 wet and final top coat. I let 1-2 hours between 1st & 2nd but 24 for last clear coat.

    I had a problem w/the clear adhearing the first time, was able to blow it off w/compressed air so it didn’t bind good at all. I didn’t let it dry very long before i hit it w/the air so that might’ve been why. Second attempt clear stuck good.

    So basically should i change anything i’m doing? Less aggressive sandpaper, more aggressive, more drying time, how should i clean the surface after sanding, should i even sand, etc?? These aren’t on a show truck so it doesn’t have to be a perfect job but i do want it to look good. Thanks.

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