Need a gas forced air burner for new oven

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    I need a larger oven. Too many requests for chassis’s and larger parts that won’t fit in our 32″x32″x6′ elctric oven.
    What I can’t seem to find is a burner unit. Anyone seen a web site that details a gas (or propane in our case) burner that I can use for a big oven.
    What we need now is a 7’x 8’x 12′ oven, which should cover just about everything we could possibly do.
    I would like to find a site that sells all equipemnet needed for the burner installation.
    Had real good luck with the electric unit we built and I am sure the gas unit won’t be too much more work. Safety devices for shut off are my only concern.
    Any help you ecperienced guys can give on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

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