Need a color recommendation to match aluminum grills

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    Hey guys,

    I did a few test-runs on Saturday, with my bent-up Full Size Jeep Wagoneer muscle grill shell, getting ready to do up a grill for a FSJ buddy, as well as mine down the road. The OEM grill is aluminum, with a clear anodized coating to prevent oxidaton.

    I’m still looking for a better powder, which will closely match the stock aluminum grill shell. Here’s pics so far of the test run, with Eastwood’s recommended Platinum powder (which did NOT match at all … egg shell grey more like it) and Eastwood’s single stage chrome (which is closer but not good enough). In sunlight, the Single Stage Chrome looks OK, BUT, in dull light, it looks too grey. The issue is that we need to match other chromed parts on the Jeep, which can not be baked in the oven to powdercoat them (low temp plastic).

    If anyone has some recommendations as to what powder would be closest to the original grill color, please let me know. Thanks for the feedback, guys!





Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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