My Zit saga continues

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    Did 3 more items last night. With the same effect. Covered in micro zits.

    First piece is a chromed aircleaner cover that has been blasted and wire wheeled and washed then phosphated then washed again and double outgassed. The second a chromed tube was wire wheeled cleaned then phosphated and washed again. Finally a coffe can that I just ripped the label off of and wiped down with “Pre”.

    For the coffee can I turned down the oven to 325 to see if the oven was too hot. My IR temp gun came in last night and while baking the aircleaner cover I took the temp of it and the IR gun read 500, The oven themometer I have hanging in the oven when shot with the IR gun read 405 the same as it indicated on the dial.

    The color is super mirror from columbia. Think I am going to try the chevy orange I got with the hotcoat gun that didnt come with any form of directions.

    I took one of the items and hit it with sand paper the micro zits came off in two swipes.

    The air supply coming into the gun is double filtered going thru a filter that came with the gun and then a Dissecant filter.

    The powder, I just opened the jar saturday.


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