My thoughts on Nylon Powder Coating

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    NYLON POWDER COATINGS are flexible, machinable, can have food contact, and have a low melt temperature. NYLON COATINGS are based on polyamide resin systems, which have the following special properties:

    • Excellent chemical resistance, especially to oils and solvents
    • A high resistance to damage by impact and abrasion
    • A low coefficient of friction

    NYLON COATINGS come in a variety of colors including ivory, yellow, white, and black. They are used on substrates that might be exposed to denting or impact. Fishing sinkers are sometimes nylon coated. The sinkers hit on rocks and hard objects which cause the sinkers to be introduced to dents and dings. With the sinkers nylon coated, the coating actually forms with the dents through flexibility to prevent any chipping or cracking in the sinker.

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