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    This is an exhaust from a motorcycle I finished up last night. I used this piece to practice on before I try the real think on my bike. Please feel free to crituque me, and tell me what I can do to improve my efforts and create a better final product.
    I did get a buildup on the edge of the black around where the tape was. I waited until the final layer of powder just started to flow, pulled it from the oven, and removed the tape. I didn’t see any buildup then, but I did after the final cure. Any ideas what could have caused this? My guess is too thick of a coat of powder. But I am afraid to make it too thin, once the graphic is removed, there is no going back.

    This is my test piece, before I do the actual one on my bike. I bought this off of eBay. Mine will also be a different color, and I am going to try and do a couple things differently, like make the fade bigger, and tone down the gloss.

    First, I apply the first color of the fade.

    Second, I apply the second color of the fade.

    Third, cook to perfection.

    Since they don’t make high temperature vinyl that is easily removable after baking, I have make my own. I took high temperature tape (2″ width) and layered it onto wax paper.

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