my oven wiring questions

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    I know, I know, been covered, but I have searched and still can’t find a clue.
    I have an oven built 3’x3’x6′ and I scavenged the elements and crap from an old stove and can’t get it working right. Honestly, i dont know squat about wiring the timer and contactor and I dont even know what a contactor is or looks like to know if I have one at all.
    If I was to buy a set up (contactor, thermostat and timer) where would I get one and what should I get? I dont mind paying, I just need a good start where and for what. I’ll even buy new elements, I am just tired of fiddling with the mechanical crap of the old donor oven and not getting it to work right.
    I want to do 3 elements, 2 lower and one upper and run the upper alone with a divider in the stove to make it small and to have a switch to run all 3 elements for the whole oven usage.
    I also will run a fresh 50 amp service for its use.
    mcmaster ?
    signed, oven electrical noob

    thanks in advance

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